Automatic psychologist, doctor, investigator, criminalist, security guard.

The technology of Delphi, deciphers the movement of the eyes, and diagnoses your physical and mental condition.
Determines fatigue, attention, lies, symptoms of the disease, participles in certain incidents and events.

We offer a technology for recognizing the physical and mental state of all people falling within the field of view of cameras. The technology is able to identify a person in the movements of the eye, diagnose physical and mental diseases, detect lies, determine psychological reactions, personality characteristics and predict behavior.

Modern technologies already allow creating tools for remote diagnostics of physical and mental states, inclinations and motives of people, including those that are intentionally hidden or even not realized. Instant and personalized monitoring of the states of any number of people available to the cameras provides unprecedented social and commercial utility of the technology in all industries, wherever a person is present.

Monitoring the conditions and properties of people implemented as a cloud service, allows you to solve problems in the areas of security, production, education, medicine, services, sales and virtually all communications.

Imagine only — the automatic recording and output to the police monitor of a person who has just prepared for an attack or a terrorist act, just think about how the advertising will change, from obsessive, expensive and sometimes not very effective, to an accurate, not expensive, efficient and highly anticipated service on time , or, imagine a skype that can show when a business partner tells you a lie, or imagine that in the morning when brushing your teeth, a mirror suggests you write to a doctor, because you discovered signs of a dangerous disease, about which th You still do not even suspect, and at this time on the next street the computer immediately stopped the truck and called an ambulance, as the driver showed signs of a heart attack, thanks to this, your child came to school safe and sound.

Our project is the result of more than 15 years of research. Today we have a demonstration version of the diagnostic polygraph. In particular, the machine is able to recognize from the movements of the eyes familiar and unfamiliar to the subject. You can imagine how useful this is, for example, for investigators and security specialists, for automated risk management systems for air transport, etc.

It is important to emphasize that unlike competitors, we are engaged in the interpretation of eye movements, that is, we draw meaningful conclusions, and do not collect information about eye movements. Today, we do not have competitors in the field of oculomotor psychosemantic detection. Especially in the field of mass detection in natural conditions for humans. The question is who will be the technology developer, who will determine in what direction the development will move, and who will be the test subject.